The Parish Renewal Experience is based on the concept expressed by Pope Paul VI: “The Church is an evangelizer, but she begins by evangelizing herself by constant conversion and renewal, in order to evangelize world with credibility” (Evangelii Nuntiandi). It is an attempt to answer the three questions posed by Pope Paul VI in the apostolic exhortation mentioned:

  • What has happened to that hidden energy of the good News which has such a powerful effect on man’s conscience?
  • Is the evangelical force of the Gospel capable of transforming lives?
  • What method should be followed to insure that the Gospel may have the proper impact?

The Parish Renewal Weekend is a conversion experience. It is a strong recall into belonging to the people of God, the Church. The reestablishment of belonging occurs through an emphasis on, and an experience of, reconciliation. It is an attempt to respond to the search for direction and approaches to strengthen and deepen the life of our parishes. It advances the parishes (priests, religious and laity together as a family) toward the goal of a faith community. There is a continuing need for reconciliation in all of us. The follow-up to the Weekend is not a movement in the setting of parish life is based on this need. The Parish Renewal Weekend is not a movement from without to help the parish. It is about the parishes renewing themselves. The follow- up at parish level is therefore vital. This calls for no structures since everything is based on existing groups and societies, nor does it call for new movements and new societies. It concentrates simply on the parish. A greater awareness then emerges that the parish is not a “we” and “they” arrangement, but a call to be family – to learn how to live with and love one another.

Theology of PREX

It is the theology of the BODY OF CHRIST which is US, members of the community of disciples, members of the parish. This is theology of PREX achieved through the process of reconciliation where all the activities of the weekend experience will lead to, and which the weekend will hope to achieve.

Spirituality of PREX

PREX’s spirituality is incarnational. Jesus Christ continues to be present in every person. PREX graduates should be able to recognize the presence of Christ in every person.

prex-logo-bigThe PREX logo represents the Blessed Trinity — three Persons in One God, as symbolized by the triangle with rounded corners. The First Person, God the Father, is shown with arms outstretched signifying His willingness to accept anyone who wishes to follow Him through His son Jesus Christ, the Second Person in the Trinity. He offered his life to redeem mankind from sin. This is represented by the cross at the bottom of the logo. The white dove at the top symbolizes the Holy Spirit, the Third Person, who imparts love through constant guidance. All of these were integrated into the logo to show that the Blessed Trinity is a loving and caring God.
The five different colors of the logo represent the different liturgical aspects of the body of Christ. Red is for the power of God the Father, yellow for our savior and redeemer Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist, white for the purity of the Blessed Trinity, blue for the blue mantel of protection of the Blessed Mary, Mother of the Church, and green for the hope and life emanating from the Blessed Trinity.
The logo is a creation of Kuya JOEL MERCADO, a PREX graduate belonging to Batch 1 of the Sto. Rosario Parish, Pacita Complex, San Pedro Laguna. It won in the “PREX Logo Design Competition after the 1993 PREX National Convention.