To evangelize/renew parishes through moral and spiritual formation programs/activities, under the inspiration and guidance of the Holy Trinity.
  • To adopt/adapt the most responsive NAPPS organizational set-up and Manual of Operations/Functions.
  • To form DAPPS for the existing Parish PREX Secretariats in the Dioceses and organize the Diocesan PREX Secretariats.
  • To provide continuing spiritual growth & formation programs as follow-up for PREX graduates.
  • To train, develop and update Speakers, Lead Couples and Music Ministry for their professional and spiritual growth.
  • To be financially stable in order to conduct programs and outreaches.
  • To continue outreach programs and start planning/ networking for global outreach.
  • To get endorsement/full support of CBCP/Bishops in the promotion of PREX in the parishes and dioceses as priority renewal program.
  • To enlighten, develop, enhance Music Ministry as more effective instrument for renewal.